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Justice for Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by President Putin has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives, and the displacement of millions. The attacks on Ukraine, and the atrocities that have followed, cannot go unpunished.

The act of invasion itself is a crime against the Ukrainian people. President Putin and those who planned the attack have committed a crime of aggression.

Currently, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating the war crimes committed as a result of the attack. However, there is a gap: the ICC is not able to investigate the crime of aggression unless it is referred by the UN Security Council. Russia, as a member of the UN, has veto rights to this, which it would,  of course, exercise immediately.

Therefore, we are calling for an international tribunal to try President Putin for the crime of aggression.

This is not a new idea – 80 years ago, world leaders met in London to create a legal framework to prosecute the criminals of the second world war. This legal framework resulted in the Nuremburg trials, which saw the conviction of 161 war criminals.

An international tribunal would investigate President Putin and all those who planned, or were complicit in, the invasion.

A proposal for this tribunal, to run in addition to the investigations of the ICC, has been formulated by the best minds of international law and human rights around the world. It currently has over 100 signatories, including former British prime minister Gordon Brown, the Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, leading professor of international law, Philippe Sands QC, former prosecutor for the Nuremberg Military Tribunal Benjamin Ferencz, and Sir Nicolas Bratza, former President of the European Court of Human Rights.

We believe world leaders should create such a special tribunal, like the one created to prosecute Nazi war crimes.

That is why we are urgently petitioning world leaders to investigate these crimes. By signing this petition, you will help ensure that all those involved in the terrible crimes against Ukraine are brought to Justice. We need your support.

Justice for Ukraine. We need your Support.